Unveiling UFOs Consumes Life for Lobbyist

 Unveiling UFOs Consumes Life for Lobbyist

By Ben Terris
The Washington Post

      One day nearly 20 years ago, Stephen Bassett realized that UFO abductees needed a lobbyist.

He had spent four months working for the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research out of a modest town house in Cambridge, Mass., when he had the epiphany: He could continue his research with John Mack, the leading authority on the alien abductions, for the rest of his life, but it would never make a difference.

“It occurred to me that it wasn’t a scientific problem, but a political one,” he said. They could pile evidence of extraterrestrial encounters from the White House lawn to the moon, and no one would pay it any mind. What the issue needed was someone who could get the powers-that-be to listen.

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