UFO Sighting in Eatonton, Georgia on August 13th 2015 – Golden orb with three distinct radiant light points

I was outside enjoying the evening at the lake where I live and the stars were just starting to be visible in the night sky. As I looked up into the sky I noticed one star which didn’t look the same as the rest of them. It had a golden yellowish hue to it and was visible to the southeast across the lake. It wasn’t the whiter color of the natural stars. I looked at this light and said to myself that is no star and as I thought and wondered what this thing was it began to move closer to my current location. I remember thinking I am not afraid and just having a feeling of curiosity about it. It moved in a straight line across the sky absolutely silently. I heard no engine noise saw no red or green lights like you would see on an aircraft. It was a solid golden orb which had three very distinct radiating points of light from the center of the orb which tapered to a point. So the light was wide at the point where it left this orb and narrowed to a point like a sword at the end. I watched this thing move silently and wondered what sort of mess the government is playing around with now. Sorry I have never seen an alien and personally believe that the government is behind UFO sightings. So I have never seen anything like this and yes I used to work for an airline so I know what planes look like as well as blimps and helicopters. I recently watched the geminids meteor shower as well and this was none of those things. It moved far to slowly and silently so all I can say is it was a UFO. I watched as the thing moved into a low hanging cloud and I didn’t see it after that. I reported it on my facebook the day after it happened but simply wrote it up as a golden light seen in the sky. I have since deleted my facebook page so confirming the actual date will only be possible if facebook holds onto old files. There was another incident which occurred a few nights later as I was out swimming in the lake. I was floating out in the water and gazing up at the stars as I floated on my back and I very clearly and distinctly saw a silvery-white flash of some ellipse shaped object above and to the north of my location. I figured at the moment that it was merely a meteor yet I knew that it wasn’t because it didn’t streak across the sky it was a stationary object which flashed once in the night sky. After I wrote it off as a possible light anomaly of the retina it did it yet again. This time it had moved more to the east but not more than 200 feet from the previous place in which I had seen it the first time. So when I say it flashed I must say that only the object itself lit up not the air or space around it as you would get with a camera flash. When it flashed it gave the clear flash of the entire surface area of whatever it was that was up in the sky. In other words it the object itself lit up without lighting up the area around it. I have never seen anything like this before or since. It looked like what people describe as a flying saucer. My joke is that for all I know it was George Bush flying around on a pleasure cruise in some secret military technology.

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