UFO Sighting in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 22nd 2010 – 25 slow moving, interactive fireballs seen in downtown Raleigh on Saturday night.

I had taken my 2 sons to see a movie at the IMAX in downtown Raleigh that Saturday night. As we were leaving to come home, I saw 25-30 circular lights in the sky overhead. Instantaneously, and only for a second, I thought there must be some type of fireworks show going on. However, the lights did not disappear. At this point, I did not believe there was anything other-worldly about them (I just thought it was unusual and I wanted to see what these things were). I pulled the car into the nearest stop (a Hess gas station). My 2 children and I got out of the car and saw what now only seemed to be about 10 -15 fireballs in the sky directly over our head. I knew then that this was something spectacular as these fireballs seem to move deliberately in pairs of two or three and at a very slow pace. They emitted no sound, but they definitely moved in patterns that were not random and there was an ebb and flow to their movement. Again, all these fireballs seemed to be grouped together in packs of 2 or 3 and seemed to be interacting with one another. As they went over our head, they seemed to suddenly disappear. By the time I got my I-phone out to take a video, only a couple remained in the sky. I am attaching that video so that you can get an idea of their movement, but unfortunately they appear smaller in the video than what we saw with our own eyes. The entire sighting took less than 5 minutes, and by the end of the 5 minutes, both my children were anxious. Consequently, we got back in the car and headed home as I did not want to unnecessarily frighten my children.

I watched the news that night looking for a report on what I saw (I even suspected there might be some breaking news on it as this was over downtown Raleigh, a very public place). However, there was no mention of it. I even e-mailed my video to the local weather guy (a friend of mine), but he did not comment on it. I just let it go until it came up today in a conversation with a friend. It was suggested I report it, so that is what I am doing now.

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