UFO Sighting in Atlanta, Georgia on March 30th 1979 – Saw silver disc shaped ufo over interstate i 20. in Atlanta Ga.

I was just leaving work going home on the morning of March 30 1979.It was a

bit overcast and grey.the time was exactly 7:15 AM.As soon as I entered onto Interstate 20 something said look up and when I did I saw a round silver spaceship about 300 ft in diameter hovering at a 45 degree angle over the expressway. I could not believe my eyes but there it was in plain sight just off to the left above the West End Mall exit sign.My uncle and his girlfriend also saw the spaceship as well as a former co-worker. I wonder to this day if anyone else saw it but were too afraid to talk about it.That sighting took place 36 years ago and still haunts me today.I do not have photos for I saw this from my car while driving.Another note that I want to mention is that I was so astounded that I got off at the next exit and went back to get another look and just that quick it was gone or either cloaked itself and rendered itself invisible.My co-worker who is now deceased said that it did make the evening news. To this very day every time I have to travel that route on I-20 I always without fail look up
at the very site in which I saw the UFO. One final note worth mentioning is that while trying to satisfy my curiosity about who else may have seen it,I ran across a testimony on the internet in which this man and his wife while traveling from Jacksonville to Atlanta also said they saw the same possible UFO from their plane. The clue to me was that it was on the same exact date that I saw it – 3/30/1979.Also when I finally got home I looked back towards downtown Atlanta and saw a very brilliant light in the sky just hovering.

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