UFO Sighting in Eagle Lake, Texas on September 19th 1992 – Three tear drop shaped objects in sky before dove hunt

Approximately 30 hunters going to eagle lake to hunt dove, and ducks. 28 hunters were hunting ducks behind us two dove hunters. Fence line separated both hunting parties. My friend and I were facing west, and the other 28 hunters were facing east. We got in the field at approximately 5:30 a.m. got in our chairs to hunt, and check our gear. saw three strange tear drop shaped lights off in the distance at approximately 1-2 miles out. one of the shapes headed straight for us in a line and then sat hovered no sound, at approximately 1-mile out. had pinkish blueish hue to the object. we started loading our shot guys with intent to start shooting if it got any closer. it just sat there approximately 1-mile out, and 1-mile off the ground. then took off rapidly to the upper sky heading west southwest, and disappeared suddenly. We never spoke of it together as i was with a work colleague. we were fixated on the closest object as it was coming at us, and lost track of the other two.

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