UFO Sighting in Westlake, Louisiana on December 23rd 2015 – Large lights stationary, moving, and reverse direction without any noise.

While traveling West on the I-210 bridge in Lake Charles, LA at approx. 7:15 pm last night, I observed a very bright white light to the East over Westlake, LA about 2 miles away. The light was very large, bright, and appeared to be stationary while driving. I thought possibly it may be a commercial airliner flying at reduced altitude with its landing lights on. However, this would be very unusual over the city of Westlake. I lost sight of the lights as I exited I-210 onto I-10 East. As I entered I-10 East, I expected to once again view the large light directly facing it. However, the light was unexpectedly no longer in view. However, at 7:30 pm after arriving home in Westlake; I then observed very bright red and blue lights in the sky in about the same location as the earlier light, which was now to my South appearing to be over I-10 in Westlake about 2 miles away. The red and blue lights appeared to be side by side each shinning outward in opposite directions like colored search lights. The lights looked too large to be on any known aircraft at that distance, and did not blink or strobe like aircraft lighting. The red/blue light appeared to be stationary in the sky. Then, the lights did a deliberate move to the West; and without stopping or turning the light started moving back to the East with a 360 degees change in direction. And then, once again the object appeared to be sitting stationary in the sky. At this point, I ran inside to get my video camera. I videotaped about a minute as I watched the object in the viewfinder it appeared to just fade away? The video was not great, as the video was skaky and I should have turned on manual focus, instead of letting the auto focus distort the image. I will attempt to attach a still shot from the video. During the few minutes I observed the lights in the sky, no sound was heard from the object.

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