UFO Sighting in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania on December 24th 2015 – Bright lights in formation

Was outside enjoying weather, letting dog out, and looking at near full moon. I was looking at approaching planes that were in route to the local airport, when i noticed a few degrews to the left of flight path of incoming traffic, 4 bright reddish lights flying in straight line. I thought it looked odd, then i was looking at how close the lights were together, way closer than normal aircraft would be. I then started lookong for some kind of blinking lights, which all aircraft have, but did not see any lights or marker lights. I went to try to get videicamera, but could not get focused, so i used cell phone and recorded it briefly. When i was trying to record them, even though they were approaching me, 1 at a time the lights got dimmer then dissapeared 1 at a time, thats why only 3 in video. I looked at local media and did not see any notices.

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