UFO Sighting in Northwest United States, Montana on May 15th 1998 – Occurred flying over the Northwest United States heading towards Alaska.

After watching an episode of MUFON Hanger 1, Underground bases, I decided to share the following:

I personally observed a countless number of circular shaped impressions like probable UFO landing sites on the ground which mimicked farming industry activities in May 1998. I observed the aforementioned while flying onboard a USAF Military Airlift aircraft as a space available passenger with other active duty personnel and their family members from Charleston AFB to Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska.

At the time, I was an active duty USAF staff officer specializing in air battle management/air weapons control and airborne/ground radar & communications command & control planning and operations for a Numbered AF Headquarters. I was on authorized military leave going to a former colleague’s sister’s wedding in Anchorage, Alaska.

With my intense curiosity, I visited the flight deck while flying over the Northwest United States to ask the flight crew specifically about the vast number of unusual circles on the grounds below. I had been looking out one of the few small aircraft cargo/passenger cabin Windows and saw what appeared to be a countless number of unusual circular patterns on the ground. I was literally shocked by the facial expression and response of the pilot and co-pilot when I asked about the circles. They turned to me and looked directly into my eyes. They were visibly like in a state of shock (wide-eyed) by my questioning them about my ground observation. The pilots then almost simultaneously said in a fearful and foreboding tone, “You really don’t want to know!” I took the strong hint of warning and immediately left the cockpit area with saying another word. I can’t image what type of farming or crop growths which required circular patterns. Another consideration was that the circles appeared similar to that of individual or groups of water treatment facilities.

I wish I had a camera to take pictures of what were the same size circles in various patterns covering an area which I believe we’re several states. But, I would have probably been admonished and/or told I was violating security protocols while onboard a military aircraft. Regardless, this left an impression permanently etched in my memory.

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