UFO Sighting in Ogden, Utah on December 24th 2015 – 3 Diamond shaped, translucent, red-orange ufo’s hovering and flying in Ogden Utah

At approximately 19:20 I was driving home from my moms house after Xmas eve dinner. A strange red light in the sky caught my eye while driving west on Shadow Valley Drive. I slowed the car to a near stop and watched the object for about 45 seconds. I noticed it was shaped like a diamond and that it was nearly transparent. The red color of the object was continuously fluctuating as does a star. It remained primarily red but also appeared orange and yellowish as it would “blink”. I resumed my drive home and approx 2 mins later was driving southbound on Harrison Blvd toward the South Ogden area. I still had a visual on the object, and when I drove to a more open area, I noticed a second, identical object hovering about 100-200 feet below the first object. As the two were hovering a third identical object arrived from the east and I estimate it was traveling around 400-500 mph. I base this estimate upon the many air force planes I have witnessed throughout my life, having lived outside of Hill Air Force Base for over 30 years. As quickly as the third object arrived, it came to an immediate and abrupt stop, 20-30 feet from the first object. I watched the 3 objects as best I could while driving and at last sight, all 3 objects had begun traveling quite slowly to the northwest. I turned the car around to try and get a better idea of where they were going, but could no longer see them. I was debating on making this report when I noticed a friend of mine on Facebook had posted a video of one of the objects that he noticed sometime after my sighting. I have not asked for his permission to add his info to this report, or I would have included it as well. I’m sure I can obtain a copy of the video if it is needed.

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