UFO Sighting in Easley, South Carolina on December 25th 2015 – Christmas Day 2015 Sighting in the Evening Sky – Picken County

Well this was a very exciting experience, it’s the first time I can say without question that I saw a UFO, five of them to be precise, but only managed to caputre one in photo and video.

Was visiting a relative on Christmas Day and at dusk, late evening, I was taking a cup of ice water out to place in the cup holder of another relatives car for them, as they were about to leave. I noticed upon walking out the front door a column of five round red lights in the distance but thought nothing of it at that moment thinking it was aviation warning lights on a radio tower. Having finished what I’d gone outside to do I looked up again to discover that the lights had moved, three of them were now in a position forming the points of a triangle with two positioned centered vertical beneath. I ran back in to tell my family members to come check out the UFOs and to grab my camera.. which was apparently already in my pocket.

When the first relatives came out the formation had broken up and two of the lights zoomed off (direction unknown as I was fiddling with my camera when that ocurred). By the time I had gotten my camera turned on, and configured for night shot, there was only one of the objects still clearly visible, which is the red-orange colored object in the rather poor quality photos and one video I managed. The vertical line in the images is due to a defect with the still image pick-up sensor on the digital camera.

The objects appeared roughgly due south from the location I was at. The other four objects originally seen along with this one went traveled off in what appeared to be south and southwest directions, was rather hard to tell due to the patches of heavy cloud cover and rain. The one that stuck around and got imaged dropped down to just above perceivable tree top level and then traveled east – southeast on a level plain before it vanished.

The location of appearence would place the objects as having appeared over the southern edge of Pickens County or Northern Edge of Anderson County, pending what the actual distance was, which I’m personally thinking was between a half-mile, but no further than three miles simply due to the heavy clouds and scattered rain storms which were moving through the area at that time.

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