UFO Sighting in Niagara Falls, Ontario on December 25th 2015 – green in color, glowing flashed intermitant,no sound,orb like.

it was approx.11:25pm.i went out side for a smoke, when I first steped out I saw green and red flashing light, I immediatly thought it was a plane and for about 5 seconds payed it no mind, but when I turned back to look again I thought it strange that it was not moving. that’s when I really focused on the light and realized it was not a plane and helo’s normally don’t at night in my area. the sky was clear enough to see the full moon and a few stars,there was no low level cloud. I hurried in to get my camera and went to the fence to get a steady vantage point, as i was trying to pan the object it continued to blink, but only green, bright fuorescent green. it really freaked me out. I was so excited I was trying not to vibrate,and then it moved in a straight line approx.west,south, west about a few hundred meters,in my gestimation.so I moved down the fence to see if I could still get video, scratched my,didn’t care, I was filming a ufo,and I don’t care what anybody says,i know what I saw and videoed. it kind of wabled back and forth a bit, it blinked off for a millisecond,and then after a few more seconded it just disappeared,gone,no sound no noth’n. I have pic’s of the moon as well because date is wrong on the camera I used a Nikon Coolpix 320, with 26x optical zoom.

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