UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on December 25th 2015 – Floating lights, Christmas 2015, Phoenix, AZ, 5:30pm


Last night, Christmas 2015, at 5:30pm, my son and I saw some strange bright floating lights east of the Phoenix, AZ, metro area, near the Superstition mountains.

We we driving north on the AZ 347 and watched them for about 25 minutes. There were as many as 4 possibly 5, they appeared to be in a formation of sorts at times.

It is difficult to say how far away from us they were, but we didn’t think more than 100-150miles. We had good visibility here last night.

And they were very bright, much too bright to be stars as the sun had just set and it was still light out. They sometimes seemed to merge into 1 or 2 lights. My son said that he saw one of them make a short blue line and then disappeared in an instant.

We didn’t think they were helicopters. The light was very bright and they appeared to be hovering about a mile up.

We would like to know what they were. I thought you would like to know as well.

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