Alien Encounter in Saint Johns, Michigan on December 13th 2015 – I took a picture of alien looking in my front door window.

I was watching tv in my living room when i heard my dog start to growel looking at my front door. He groweled for about 30 seconds then barked couple of times before he ran towards me whimpering. I took some pics of the area thinking i might see a ghost in the pic. I glanced at the pics and didnt see anything. Around 4 am my wife went out to are garage amd smoke she had dog with her she came and got me told me she heard a strange animal noise coming from the woods and our dog was acting scared and jumpy smelling around the car and outside of garage area. I decide to look at the pics again when i noticed a head in the window look like alien with slit pupil and big eyes the face nawwored to the chin and two little holes for the nose. The head was a different color it was darker and it was solid and could see the light from the tv reflecting off the back of its head.

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