UFO Article: “The CUFON Interview of Larry W. Bryant”

10 September 1995
(CUFON, Seattle, Washington)

Quote from the article:
“7. Government cover-up?

You might want to rephrase the last question as: “What would 
the government learn if it were to read its own UFO-related 
The 50-year-long history of the federal government’s involvement in UFO research – as revealed partly via documentation released under the U. S. Freedom of Information Act – shows its propensity to privately classify hard-core UFO-sighting reports while publicly down-playing the need to investigate them.  Certain federal agencies (and various ‘compartmented’ areas thereof, perhaps totaling fewer than 400 persons) have been juggling the hard stuff so long that it has become a way of life – a self-perpetuating system that feeds off its own energy of secrecy for secrecy’s sake.  At this point, breaking this chain of deception may have to depend on a series of whistleblower leaks of smoking-gun material to the public.”
Quote from Larry W. Bryant’s blog, ‘Larry W. Bryant’s UFOview’ (ufoview.tumblr.com):
“LARRY W. BRYANT, a resident of Newport News, Va., focuses his research and writing efforts on national-security affairs (including information-access matters and First Amendment jurisprudence).”

Larry W. Bryant, U.S. Journalist & UFO Researcher
(theufochronicles.com photo)

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