UFO Sighting in New Jersey on December 20th 2015 – Torturing me and creating gray skies everyday

Hello, what I’m about to tell you might be a bit different. You see myself and many Americans are being targeted (they go by the name Targeted Individuals), every day I’m being tortured by my neighbors. At my previous address I was also being attack and harass, my family was told by a guy who is now my neighbor to move in the apartment where he live but soon after moving I find out that he too was part of my targeting. Please do not take my case as some deranged person, these people in my apartment are not normal, they sit for hours with out moving or make a sound, I move here 6 months ago and not once do I hear the person above or below me cooking in their kitchen. You might not believe this but aliens are walking among us, looking like humans and these individuals I’m living amongst could be one of them.

Important: everywhere I go I get these clouds and gray sky that follow me and start to block the sun. When this happens I feel some type of energy attacking me. Right now there are gray sky covering the state and they are the one that’s doing it. How do I know this? There is a site that can remove these gray skies, I tried it and it work, I would give you the site so you can check it yourself but you say not to post websites. These beings are dimensional and what they are using to attack me is a form of psychic attack, psychotronic, and other things that I don’t know about. Please if you could look into my case it would help me a lot, they’re silently kill innocent people and driving some to the point of insanity and suicide. Know this, not all aliens are good in nature, they’re some who want to do harm to the human race.

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