UFO Sighting in Rancho Cucamonga, California on November 3rd 2015 – Saw a dense ball of light being followed by a lightless helicopter

During the night of 11/3/15 around 7 pm I was in my friends garage watching t.v. It had just finished raining and the clouds had mostly disperesed. We heard a helicopter outside that sounded like it was flying around the Cucamonga Peak area. I remarked that it was probably the news hovering over the 210 freeway. The news than came on and the helicopter pilot mentioned he was more south over the 15 and 60 freeways. Around that time (we could still hear the helicopter but we just figured it was police) his dog kept acting odd. I left his house and decided to take a walk down the pacific electric trail. The pacific electric trail is a hiking/running/biking trail that runs through Rancho Cucamonga. I headed east. I could still hear the helicopter and when i could fully see cucamonga peak and the surrounding foothills i looked in the direction of the helicopter sound. I figured it had to be searching for something since it was already going on being around the area over an hour. I saw a blinking red light which was attached to the chopper but the chopper had no other lights including search illuminated. It was going back and forth in multiple directions. I then realized that it had to be chasing something. I figured an off roader running from police. I didnt see anything on the surface but noticed a light in front of the helicopter that seemed to be going in between the trees on the foothill east of the peak. I was dumbfounded. At first I thought motorcycle but the light was moving too fast. Then it seemed to clear the trees and I could see a dense ball of light heading east across the front of the foothill. I could see the red beacon light of the chopper and saw and heard it following the object. The object went from east to west then over the hill all while the chopper followed. It skimmed the top of the hill and went west and shot straight up the face of the peak and kept raising. Thats when i saw the movement of another dense ball of light. The chopper then went straight up after the ball of light. The ball of light then came back around and leveled out and both it and the helicopter went east towards san bernardino where i lost visual. I didnt see where the other one went since I was following the chopper chase.
That incident lasted from 7:58pm to 8:25pm on 11/3/15

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