UFO Sighting in San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte on March 20th 1997 – The flying object took of in a straight up liNE at a incredible speed

It was a sunny day I was working as a mototaxi in Dominican Republic San Francisco de macoris, I was staring at a mountain calls “Loma de quita espuela” because I recently visited that mountain, and I noticed a silver disk shape flying object hovering on top of the mountain, and after like a minute or less, the object flue straight up in a speed that I never saw before I knew it wasn’t a helicopter or a plane, because that was year 1997, and not even today’s technology, has a flying vehicle that fast, I only told oNE of my friends I tough no one would believe me, and I told him you would think I’m crazy because what I saw if some oNE tells me that history and I wasn’t there I wouldn’t believe , but a saw a video of a ufo,by the WTC in new york, that reminds me what I saw, it was very similar speed and shape of the object

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