UFO Article (Blog): “Lies and More Lies”

By Kevin D. Randle, 13 July 2014
(A Different Perspective, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Quote from the article:
In an earlier posting I purposely and deliberately said that the Air Force lied about sighting solutions in the Project Blue Book files. I said this because they knew, based on their own files, that the satellite solution for one aspect of the Portage County Chasedid not work. They, which is to say Hector Quintanilla, knew the truth. As the man in charge, he owns the ultimate responsibility here and he had, naturally, complete access to the Project Blue Book files.
And yes, I can provide other examples where the Air Force mislead the public about their UFO information. They say that only 701 sightings remained unidentified at the close of Blue Book but that isn’t exactly true. Overlooking the fact that some cases were labeled as identified when that identification can be shown to be untrue, there were some 4000 sightings labeled as ‘insufficient data for a scientific analysis.’ That means that more than thirty percent of the sightings were labeled as ‘insufficient data,’ which isn’t an identification at all but keeps that sighting off the unidentified roles.”


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