UFO Sighting in Longs, South Carolina on October 5th 2015 – a lg. beautiful blue white light appearde above the power lines. i drove under it and saw it in my rear mirror.

I reported a ufo in June 2015. this is a different ufo. After the first ufo I noticed things moving (orbs)in my room. I video taped them but my husband didn’t want me to tell anyone. I did a “house cleansing”(Christian) and they went away. In October we were having flooding rains. I had to bring medicine to a hospice patient and as I left the pharmacy parking lot, I said a prayer to get there safely, because it was raining so hard. when I drove about 1/4 mile don the road a brilliant blue light appeared at the treetop level on my right. It was the most beautiful blue around a bright white center. I couldn’t stop because it would have caused an accident. As I passed under, I looked in my rearview and it was still there. I had a strange feeling that “they” were back. when I went home,I put my camera on and there they were again. I have been taping ever since that night. The most recent was last night and I would like someone to help me figure out what they are.

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