UFO Sighting in Pensacola, Florida on August 15th 2006 – i was seduced and they performed surgery on me

it was about two in the morning in late 2006 when i snapped out of my sleep because a pocket knife i kept with me for protection well i rolled onto it . it entered me about 3 inches in the belly area. instantly a white light appeared from out of the wall and the wound was healed. i thought i was dreaming. i tried to go back to sleep when some sorta telepathy began. i was told i had been “chosen”. they said they werent going to hurt me and to lay still. a vision was forced upon me of who i was dealin with. it was 7 foot tall beings with beaks like birds and pale faces and dark black eyes in military uniforms with matching hats. i started feeling vibrations and painless tingling sensations all over my body from head to toe. after about an hour a voice said it is done. i jumped off the futon and went to my 2nd story apt balcony. a ship about half the size of a airplane was hovering. it basically looked like a space shuttle from the usa except it had no visable engines or propellers. it made a turbine like whining noise and flew off into the night. i went to the dr for an mri and x ray and this is what they discovered. lets just say i am different. i have emailed the feds but no one seems to care as i havent been extended a courtesy response to an email let alone contacted for an interview. i weigh 310 lbs and i am not fat. with my lil snack belly i should weigh 210 -220 tops. this is electronics all over me.

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