UFO Sighting in Cochrane, Alberta on March 31st 1977 – Saw UFO as star. It came closer and hovered over the car. Eventually stopped on road in front of us.

We were coming back from shooting fireworks at Ghost Dam. It was late, after midnight. I sat in the back seat and noticed a bright star on the horizon. I watched it and noticed that it stayed in the same relative position, even when we turned a corner. I pointed this out to my friends and we all started to watch the star. After a while, it started to move lower and came closer. We panicked and the driver hit the gas. I felt strange and a light came into the car. I looked up through the back window and saw a bright white light that looked like the Moon, only very close and brighter. It stayed over the car. That’s when the driver said, “I’m not driving” and let go of the steering wheel. The car kept moving and stayed on the road. We just kept driving until we got to Cochrane. As we got to the first intersection at the edge of town, it felt safe and we drove through and up the long hill that heads to Calgary, or so we thought. At the top of the hill, the car stopped as if it hadn’t been moving at all and there was a bright orange light sitting right in the middle of the road. I can’t say why, but we all got out of the car and started to walk toward the light. It was quiet and I remember a feeling to the air, like a crackle with no sound. About half way to the light, I said, “It’s just a truck parked at the side of the road.” We looked at a truck sitting silently with it’s headlights on, parked at the left side of the road and we all turned around without another word. We got into the car and drove to Calgary. That’s the last I ever saw those guys and I have only told this story a few times. If I am contacted, there is more.

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