UFO Sighting in Newbury, England on December 31st 2015 – Pulsating bright orange craft moving east toward the moon at midnight new years day

The date was 01/01/16, but your menu doesn’t list 2016 so I put 31/12/15.

It was a minute or two past midnight on 1st Jan 2016. Fireworks were going off all around as the new year started. My mum went running out into the garden, I asked her what she was doing and she said she’d seen an orange light stationary in the sky from the bedroom windown upstairs, but now it was gone.

As we stood in the garden my mum noticed another orange light. She said “There, it was just like that one!” she pointed and we watched as this bright, pulsating orange craft moved silently accross the sky. It was clearly not a plane, it appeared larger and the entire thing glowed and pulsated orange.

I couldn’t make out the exact shape of the craft as it was pulsating from orange to almost black, but it appeared roughly triangular. The pulsing orange appeared around the craft in wavy stripes, like ripples in water. It pulsed slightly faster than once a second and moved silently, smoothly and swiftly across the sky. It moved west to east straight towards the moon before flickering and fading out. There were no clouds in the sky, it was clear and cold and you could see every star, but it dissapeared completely as it neared the moon.

We both agreed immediately that it was extra terrestrial. We don’t own anything that large, that fast, that pulses orange in wavy shimmers and has the ability to dissapear.

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