UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on December 31st 2015 – It would change directions constantly; like side to side,in and out

My wife and I were taking our dog for a walk, heading east on Chesham Drive; when we turned onto the next side street, I noticed an object in the sky that appeared to be out of control. It was changing colors fast and moving erratically in the night sky. My wife, Kathy, suggested we go back to the house and get the binoculars and video cam. We came back and got the equipment and went back to the same spot and started the camera. I took probably 15 to 20 minutes of video and several pictures.

The object would move violently from side to side,up and down and move closer than farther away. I could not tell you the size or the speed but it was very fast and very hard to stay in focus.

We were very curious and very excited to finally see a UFO.

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