UFO Sighting in Waynesville, North Carolina on February 8th 2006 – the arms held onto limbs of the tree the head structure had an open mouth, branches were pulled into the vessel then released

I was walking, it was about 10pm. I noticed a pyramid shaped vessel hovering just above the trees in the valley, it had rows of white lighted windows. I decided to get a better look at it so I walked to a curve in the road that was open and had few trees. as I reached the curve there was a man shaped vessel . it had a head it had arms and legs, the torso was shaped like an oil drum. the arms were gripping branches of the tree, the head had an open mouth, I could see inside of it, there were 3 small figures the light of the interior illuminated their bodies and faces.(yellow)there were circular ladders that surrounded the inside of the head structure. the figures were using a manipulator to grab limbs. they pulled them inside the vessels head, I could hear the branches breaking and snapping, the figures were harvesting the buds that were just emerging. it was a maple tree a Norway maple. there was the smell of fish ether. I had a prior encounter two months earlier so I wanted a chance to understand the technology of the vehicle(s). so I stood there on the road looking intently at this harvester for at least 5 minutes, they stripped the upper limb tips in that short time. the vessel slowly floated away as if on the breeze sounds came from the interior from the figures and their tools, but the vessel made no sound at, it was silent. I couldn’t follow because of mountain terrain, I was so elated by this encounter I was astonished by the human like structure of the vehicle, its arms were very mechanical and looked much like steel tubes with hydraulic lines and rams attached to them. there were green lights flying around the valley one of them was easy to follow after, it was over a cow field. I entered the field to follow the green light. it quickly disappeared into the woods at the top of the field. I looked up there was moonlight, I noticed two small vessels that were balloon like structures they seemed to be made of cloth. they were illuminated from within, they floated on helium I think, they were moving against the wind, they followed me for 15 minutes as I walked up the hill to the edge of the woods . one of the balloons looked like a stingray it was shaped and colored to mimic a stingray. they floated overhead and disappeared over the hill that I was climbing. I was attempting to retro engineer what I was seeing. these encounters lasted just over an hour. I returned home excited about seeing the figures with their elongated skulls. the obvious display of mechanical structure intrigued me deeply to get even closer. after making it home I made some drawings of the harvester to try and figure out how it worked. I went to bed for the night. in my sleep I was awakened by a grey. his big eyed environment suit was off. he was about 4 feet tall, he had gold colored eyes, the same size as our eyes, at once he said blue streak and pointed, I saw the blue streak, it was a proton or something, in the air, it lit up then went out . the grey gave me a tour of the vessel they were in. the fuel cells they use look like blackberries, they are power balls, also known as a screaming weenie, the machine that filled them looks like an octopus or a squid, the tentacles are suction cup check valves. when filled the fuel cells move around on their own with the force of fluid tension. he took me to a place in the vessel where there is little gravity, there, the mantis men do their work. they taught me how to build a runaway magnet motor that generates electricity. it is a ball and socket arrangement or magnets with the opposing poles forced together. the ball inside of the socket housing spun ay screaming speeds, a contactor touched the ball sparks were present at the contact point, the grey said white streak, and we all saw the white streak, without their spacesuits they look just like us but have elongated skulls and a greyish color to the skin, they have no head hair. we shared a volley of puns and an idiom. it was a lesson in the path of the prophet. they allowed me to watch a sodium peroxide thruster test. this is when I realized that the vessel I was on was huge, over one mile wide and thousands of feet tall, after the test I have a lapse of memory , I just remember sitting up in bed, with the vivid recognition of what had just occurred. I made drawings of these things at that moment. the magnet motor had gyro.flywheels inside of it to sustain or help sustain magnetic flip, I have spent many hours trying to design one based on what I learned about theirs. after this occurrence, I managed to make progress on something important I managed to crack the bible code, this led to an increase in my understanding of everything,

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