UFO Sighting in Woodinville, Washington on December 30th 2015 – Saw about six orbs flying in a straight line, equally distant apart and all of them faded away individually/sequentially.

My wife and I had just returned on a commercial flight following Christmas in Florida with our children and their families. We departed SeaTac Airport for home which is about 100 miles away near Leavenworth, WA. We needed gas so we stopped at about 8:00 PM in Woodinville, WA just off of Hwy 522. While I was getting gas and my wife was in the car I noticed three orange orbs/lights moving from north to south and approximately over Hwy 522. I think the movement of the lights is what drew my attention to them. At first I thought they were airliners lined up on final for landing at SeaTac Airport which is about 25 miles to the south of our location. I also considered the idea they were flares launched from military aircraft but realized the military, Navy, wouldn’t do that over populated areas. Furthermore, there is no military training areas there due to commercial air traffic. I looked closely at the lights as they drew near me and saw the lights were definitely orange with no hint of the lights being aircraft position lights. The fact that the lights faded away and didn’t continue in a straight line towards SeaTac airport also convinced me they weren’t aircraft. There was no clouds or fog in the area obscuring my view of the lights at any time. They were maybe 2000 AGL and flying slow as the video shows. The orbs moved behind a leafless tree that was near my location which caused them to disappear momentarily as a branch blocked the view. When they were in the area where the tree blocked the view of the lights they would individually fade away leaving a black night sky. Two of the lights turned to the west before they faded away. The sky was clear and stars were visible. All total we saw six orbs but could only see three at a time as the trailing orbs were below the horizon. About the time the lead orb would fade away a third trailing orb would come into view. The video concludes when all the orbs have faded away. In the video you hear my wife talk about the tree and that she thought they were aircraft. You can hear me talking and saying they aren’t aircraft as aircraft position lights are red or green with white strobes or flashing beacons. I’m a retired commercial pilot as of only a year ago although I still fly privately. My wife has since changed her opinion as to them being aircraft and now feels they are UFO’s of some sort. I knew I was looking at something strange that night and thought they were UFO’s. I’ve heard people talk about lights like this on the Coast to Coast radio show hosted by George Noory. Since my wife listens to the radio show with me when we are driving she wasn’t shocked but found the lights interesting, especially the fact the lights were equally spaced apart and disappeared into thin air. In my 36 years plus working as a pilot I’ve never seen a UFO or strange lights like the ones I saw last night. Of note: When I first started refueling a saw a helicopter about 1/2 east of me. When we finished filming the orange orbs I pointed out to my wife a helicopter about 3/4 miles east of us and his red/green position lights.

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