UFO Sighting in Clovis, California on January 1st 2016 – 2 lights at a long distance rising and curving away

I was in my front yard listening to the gunshots of new years eve.
I saw a bright orangish light rising slowly in the east nearly straight up.
It looked like a big rocket launch off way in the distance.
It was moving near vertical slowly and making no sound for about 10 seconds, when it got to about 25 degrees above the horizon it started a slow turn towards more of a horizontal path climbing at roughly a 35 degree angle in what I estimate a ese direction at about that time a second light launched right from the same spot and took the same flight path. The first light continued on path for about 20 more seconds. Fading as it went, then at about the 30 second mark it abruptly went out. The second light did the same thing. My first thought was this was 2 very large rockets being launched.
I have seen launches from Vandenburg AFB from this same address and they look almost the same. However I have never heard of a base in Nevada or east Cali that is capable of launching such a rocket.

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