UFO Sighting in Goose Creek, South Carolina on December 31st 2015 – Three bright solid orange orbs moved one by one across the sky and disappeared under cloud cover.

My husband was outside around 9:15 pm or so watching fireworks and called me out to see a solitary orb crossing the sky in a direct path. I ran back inside to find my phone. By the time I got back outside, the first one had passed and a second one appeared from the same location as the first one. I took a digital picture of it. It followed the same path as the first one and disappeared behind some clouds. When the third one appeared, I began recording its travel until it disappeared as the other two did. When I first saw it, I ran through a bunch of possibilities: helicopter, aircraft, glider, Chinese lantern. It didn’t blink, however, there was just a bright, solid, orange glow moving linearly across the sky. It moved too quickly to be a lantern. It was raining lightly at that time, and it was noisy from the fireworks. I thought maybe it was an odd firework, but it was too slow to be an explosive projectile, too large, too round, and too slow to “burn out.” Reactions: Why have I gone so long never seeing anything out of the ordinary, then in the last couple months see multiple solid sightings? What is going on in the Charleston area? We do have a military base nearby. It took me nearly 24 hours to talk myself into posting this. My husband encouraged me as well.

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