UFO Sighting in Kissimmee, Florida on January 1st 2016 – Noticed it while fireworks were being set off. thought it was fireworks, until it kept traveling away from position.

Went outside to smoke. Noticed people setting off fireworks. Saw a gold/orangish glow. It was like a ball. I waited for it to explode and it kept traveling west to east. As it kept going I thought it was a dud firework until it abruptly changed due south at a very low speed. Because of the initial size, i thought it was a firework. As it was moving at a very low speed approximately 300 to 500 feet, I realized it could not have been a firework and it appeared to me, that the flight level was too high for any such firework. Being that it is dark, flight level is not confirmed. I captured a single shot and recorded 15 seconds, but being that it was dark, the quality isn’t great. I do not believe in UFO’s, nor do I buy into conspiracy theories of such. But this event freaked me out and has me quite intrigued. We are in the flight path of MCO.(Orlando International Airport) This was not a commercial aircraft. Too low and for the direction of travel. Meaning, the planes usually fly behind the house, and this was in front.
No known aircraft can make a 90 degree turn like that at low speed. It went south and I lost visual contact. It is dark, but no cloud deck was observed. Stars can be seen.

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