UFO Sighting in Arlee, Montana on July 15th 2004 – right after a ball of fire flew through the sky i looked west of arllee and say a airliner heading south to missoula with a craft flying right under it. had my girlfriend look while i grabbed the wheel. the ball of fire was in the paper the next day,

A.coming home from Missoula mt I noticed a ball of fire flying over Arlee, mt. the ball was there and gone. I looked over to my girl friend to see of she saw the fireball when I noticed an airliner flying south towards Missoula mt. I did a double take when I noticed a shinny metallic disk flying directly under the plane. I grabbed the steering wheel so my girl friend could look over and witness the ufo for herself.
B. waking up in the middle of the night around three am. I noticed my girlfriend standing outside looking at the night sky. I walked out and started staring at this huge diamond glowing in the sky above us. she told me it has followed her home from work. after a short time we went into the house with the object still in the sky
C. have a photo of a being in my daughters room that is directly behind her in her room. of course the being was not there when the photo was taken. The being is a tall thin creature, with a head somewhat footballish, with big black eye’s on the outside of head. the picture seems some what blurry or distorted on the bottom, but the main part is clear.

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