UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 2nd 2016 – Three silent pulsating red objects that flew east to northeast, hovered and blinked out

My wife and I were walking our dog around 8:05 pm when we first observed a large bright red pulsating light silently flying the eastern sky over Monroeville which was moving in a northeastern direction toward Wilkinsburg. A few seconds later another identical red pulsating light appeared in the eastern sky probably a mile behind the first red light. The second red pulsating light suddenly sped up and moved very close to the first red pulsating light and then stopped. The two red lights hovered together probably 100 feet apart. All of a sudden a third identical red pulsating light appeared about a mile behind them in the east and quickly flew toward the others. When the third red pulsating light was about a 600 feet away from the first two hovering red lights, it abruptly stopped and began to hover. The first light suddenly blinked out, then the second light blinked out, and finally the third light blinked out. Helicopters regularly fly over our house on the way to Pittsburgh hospitals, but these lights did not appear, sound or move the same way as helicopters. The objects were silent, each had only one large red pulsating light and no other lights, and they were able to stop abruptly and hover, and then blink out. The whole event lasted about 5-7 minutes.

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