UFO Sighting in Canadian, Texas on October 8th 2015 – While taking pictures of the Crescent Moon, Venus Rise against the Drilling Rig none was observed with the naked eye. After taking several pictures, over a three to four minute time frame I returned into the sleeping trailer. I found objects on photos.

These objects were captured by accident on an I-phone 4-S. The location was on a Ranch North West of Canadian, Texas at 05:23hrs on October 8th, 2015. This was the site of a Drilling operation where I was working the overnight shift of monitoring telemetry data of the down hole drilling equipment.

Towards the end of my shift, I stepped out on to the porch of the office and saw that the Moon and Venus were rising in the East at approximately 05:23 Hours. I decided to take some pictures of this with the Drilling Rig in the foreground. I proceeded to snap away shooting three to four wide shots, then I zoomed in as close as I could to get a closeup of the Moon and Venus. I took about three or four pics at that setting.

Shortly there after I zoomed out and took three more pictures and then went back inside the office.

After my shift was over I sat down to eat breakfast and began looking at the pictures I shot at the Moon Rise.

I was startled to see the objects I captured, unknowingly.

It appears to be a flight of four objects appearing from left to right in trail formation and jinking right and left in a “follow the leader” game of chase.

The objects appeared to increase in illumination. They also change positions in relation to the Moon and Venus. I did not see them in my I-Phone screen and they were not visible to my eye. It was after I zoomed in and took the close ups of the Moon and Venus, then zoomed out, that the objects had passed or at least flown out of frame.

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