UFO Sighting in Goose Creek, South Carolina on January 2nd 2016 – One yellowish red-orange light floating along with the breeze.

As a MUFON investigator, I was investigating a case (73544) and finishing the paperwork. I had just shown my wife and sister-in-law the video in that file. They were going out to pick up dinner at about 2100 (9pm) when my wife came back into the house urgently telling me to come outside. “There is one of them in the sky now” she said. I grabbed my iPad and ran out to see what she was talking about. I looked up in the western sky (268deg) to see this yellowish red-orange light floating along with the breeze. Immediately capturing the object with my theodolite, thereby giving me all of the data on its position and travel (listed in the report). The image is so poor it is not worth inserting.

The glowing light drifted southward for about another minute before fading gently out. I believe this could be similar to what was sighted in case
(73544). As I have observed many things in my 32 year military career, I can say confidently this was a “Chinese lantern”. My belief is since the very popular move “Frozen” came out; which depicted these in certain scenes, pranksters will insure we will see more.

I am submitting this report more or less for information only.

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