UFO Sighting in Florence, Kentucky on December 27th 2015 – 3 orange-red spheres in vertical orientation southeast of Route 42 near Union KY

Driving home, south on U.S. Route 42 in Florence KY near Union KY, around 11 p.m. Pretty well lit commercial area. Sky slightly overcast. Glanced out my driver’s side window at the sky while at a traffic light. Observed three orange-red lights in a more-or-less vertical orientation (and not in a perfectly straight line). I first rationalized it had to be a plane or planes (this area is in a direct flight path for incoming planes to nearby CVG airport), but have lived in this area long enough to know what plane beacon lights look like in the night sky. Lights were all same solid color, no noticeable pulsing, shimmering, color changes, or movement. After traffic light changed, I continued to glance at the objects frequently for about 1/4 mile and then pulled into a medical building parking lot to try to continue observing them. However, after parking my car and looking back at the lights, I could only see one light. Waited about half a minute, it became harder to see or perhaps it “disappeared.” I then continued home. I felt calm yet intrigued by this sighting.

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