UFO Sighting in Grand Terrace, California on January 4th 2016 – Moving orange light with molten mat’l dropping short distance that did not resemble flares. Object flickered and dimmed after “melting”

On January 4th, I returned home from work at approximately 5:45pm. It was dark. I and my 12 year old grandson were taking trash out to deposit in the trash bins that had been placed at the front curb. Clouds of an approaching weather front were slowly moving from the southwest toward the northeast. In a break in the clouds I saw a yellow-orange light. It was bigger than a star and slightly bigger than planets seen in the area. I couldn’t tell if it was moving slowly or if it was stationary and looked like it was moving due to the motion of the clouds. I put my finger up and pointed to it to gauge movement. It appeared to be moving slowly toward the north-to-northeast. Then it dropped what appeared to be molten orange material that was almost the same size as the light itself. At first I thought maybe it was dropping flares, but they did not fall far from the main light before disintegrating into smaller pieces or distinquishing. It dimmed and appeared to diminish in size as it dropped the “molten” material. Several times it appeared to dim and go out, but then would get slightly brighter again, but never getting as bright or as large as originally seen. It slowly veered east-to-northeast and disappeared behind a small mountain behind our house.
It was difficult to estimate the altitude but it appeared to be within the cloud layer or beyond. The total time of the sighting I would guess to be about 2 minutes. When It disappeared, I looked at my watch and it was exactly 5:59pm.
My grandson was by my side and we have not discussed it since nor have I allowed him to see this report in case anyone wants to talk to us separately.
We have many planes flying over our house during the day and during the night. This did NOT resemble a plane or star or planet. I spent 9 years working on Navy fighter jets and I have never witnessed anything like this before.

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