UFO Sighting in Folsom, California on January 4th 2016 – Turning in to my driveway after walking my dog, flashing lights in the sky caught my attention. I had to crane my neck to watch them.

I routinely walk my dog here in the park where I live in Folsom, California in the evening between 9 and 10 PM. There was a break in the rain, so I took him out about 9:15 PM, Arriving back at my driveway at 9:25 PM. Flashing/pulsating lights above caught my attention, and I looked up in awe. The lights pulsated approximately every one second from one color to another to another: purples, Reds, blues, greens, yellow, and white flashing seemingly randomly, as I could not detect a precise sequence.
I watched without taking my eyes off the spectacular light show, wishing I had my cell phone with me so I could photograph and take a video; alas, my phone was in the house and I ultimately decided to run in and get it. However, when I returned, the UFO was gone.
(I had intended to call my nearest neighbors to come out and watch it with me���)
The lights were directly over my head; I’m guessing that far up in the sky they must’ve been 3 to 500 feet long, in a straight line. Beyond the color, there appeared to be an extremely long tail that looked black in the night sky, extending hundreds of feet, or perhaps a mile (very difficult to estimate distance like that).

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