UFO Sighting in Hydes, Maryland on January 5th 2016 – darting in crazy ways, verry high up. seemed to break up or shoot out orbs same size. fast!

My wife came to get me to see a star like u.f.o. That moved verry fast verry high. Seemed to multiply or break up then back again. Planes were in site some of the time and these things were way higher.the thing would dart one WA at impossible speed,then circle,then dart again. I was in awe and excited to see what I wouldn’t believe if you told me. Color was same as stars near it. Shape unknown. But at times it seemed to be a triangle because at times there were three lights. Then back to one.then would jump and seem to break up or shoot out white lights that were exactly same size as original light.when I first saw it I thought it was a star… Then it moved. Fast. Far. This went on for more than ten minutes. It seemed to be moving away as it danced and moved because it ,they became dimmer.i was getting ready to eat dinner when my wife came for me. The speed this thing must have been going to cover that much space that far up… Wow.while we were watching this, planes that were high up as they go were way under this,these crazy lights. No blinking marker lights. This was no plane. No comet. No shooting star. Not the iss. This is by definition a u.f.o. Or multiple u.f.o… We starter our report to you as soon as we lost site of this so things ate fresh in our minds. I have always wondered if the ufo thing was real. Now I know it is. My hope is that you will receive many reports by many people in our area. I would be happy to speak to anyone from mufon to clarify any details. No alcohol or drugs were taken.my cousin Elizabeth Nichols took many pictures but we are not sure if anything can be seen on them. It is a good digital camera. We are hoping to have real evidence to send you.

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