UFO Sighting in Evansville, Indiana on January 6th 2016 – Two Separate Sightings of Purple Orb within 2 hours at same general location, have video..

At 1740 local time, I was headed West on Allen’s Lane in Evansville, Indiana. Upon passing the Railroad Tracks, I noticed what appeared to be a basketball-sized Purple Orb Move from right To left in front of me to my 2 O’clock position.

Orb appeared, at that point, to be just above the top of the trees that surrounded the small, grass-strip airport there. The color was a dark purple and the orb, from that distance, looked like a plasma ball. When it moved, it moved very smoothly and consistently. It did not seem to bounce around.

As I got closer, the orb started moving West, away from me, and went over the trees to the East of the Airport. I pulled into a parking lot on the North sIde of Allen’s Lane and was able to catch a short video as it disappeared. I was facing North in the Parking Lot and looking west. Orb Disappeared at my 8-9 direction.

I sat there for a minute or so and, just as I decided to leave, the orb appeared again, this time at my 11-12 position, just above the trees and appeared to be much farther away, possibly as far as St. Joseph Avenue and Mill Road intersection. According to the Distance Measuring Tool on Google Maps, that would have put it approximately 1.3 miles away. This time, I took a second, 7-minute video of the orb rising, lowering and moving around until it disappeared.

When it disappeared for the 2nd time, I waited about 10 minutes and then left the area.

Fast Forward 2 hours. I went to pick up my wife and took her to dinner. I told her about the encounter and, when we were returning, we came over Mesker Park Hill (just south of West Diamond Avenue on St. Joseph Avenue) and there it was again, directly north of us. We were about 1/3rd down the hill when we saw it and it was well above the height we were.

This time, however, the orb looked different. In addition to the spherical Plasma Ball, it appeared to have two plasma ellipses, one at the 10 O’clock position and one at the 2 O’clock position centered on the orb.

We had to stop at the stoplight crossing Diamond avenue and it appeared that the person in the truck in front of us saw it, as well.

We pulled into the Rural King at 2800 N St Joseph Ave, Evansville, IN 47720 and parked in the North Eastern corner of the parking lot where we took another video that lasted 1 minute and 42 seconds long as the orb appeared to remain at it’s height, but traveled North above or paralleling St. Joseph Avenue until it went out of sight.

At no time, during either encounter, did I hear any noise coming from the orb. During the first sighting, I was parked in a very quiet area. I did not get the feeling that this was a drone as it did not seem to wobble or waver. It moved excruciatingly smoothly and very fast, at times. I’m not one who is up on modern private drone technology, but the object I saw avoided the trees, powerlines and buildings and travelled anywhere from 1-3 miles requiring a Line of Sight for control to be from 1/2 a mile to 1-1/2 miles. But even then, the controller would not have been able to see the drone when it was behind the trees or buildings around the area where I first saw the orb.

Please note, I do have three videos on my cell phone, but all are larger than 20 megs (the 7-minute video is over 800M). I get an error message when I tried to email the videos to myself that I cannot attach anything larger than 20M. If I can get directions on how to overcome this (no, my phone doesn’t have a removable memory card), I’d be more than glad to share them.

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