UFO Sighting in Massachusetts on January 5th 2015 – Thought it was a small plane about to fly over our home at night over the trees, then I opened the door and realized it wasn’t a plane.

My son and I were watching the fish in the aquarium I had just set up recently in our home. We were sitting in front of it, and to the right of us are sliding glass doors. It was around 8:45 at night and I happened to look out the window and saw what I thought was a small airplane about to fly over our house. I then said “Look, there’s an airplane about to fly over our house!” I put my son in the seat and opened the door to get a better look at it. It was very quiet, and was moving very slowly.. I instantly realized that it was not an airplane and called my husband over to see it. I said, “I think it’s a drone?? But it’s too big to be a drone, and it’s a diamond shape, that’s so weird!” It had four white lights. Two bright wing lights, a nose light, and I think a smaller light in the back. I feel like it was the size of a couple of cars, or the size of a small aircraft that seats two people. My husband began to think that one of our neighbors must own a drone, but I said- there’s no way someone could buy a drone that large for personal use and fly it. It looks like someone could ride in it. I bet it’s a government drone. I called two air force bases, and they both said they did not have any unmanned drones like the one I described. I did research to try and find drones in the shape and size like the one I saw, but only found this one that really seems to match the description of what I saw: the US Navy���s X-47B drone. I called two local air force bases and they denied having any drones. There was a slightly rounded curved bottom that I could only see via the shadows that were made from the nose and wing lights that would correspond with the X47B drone, but it’s just really bizarre, the whole thing. None of my neighbors saw it, only my husband and myself. How frustrating that I did’t get any videos or photos of it, it was so close!!!

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