Black Triangle Sighting in Amsterdam, New York on January 7th 2016 – UFO followed closely by dark colored helicopter

I was walking from my house to the store, which is only a block away right before 7pm on 1/07/2016. I heard the sound of a helicopter, so I tried to locate it and that’s when I saw this extremely bright light in front of this dark colored helicopter. My first impression, was that it was the spot light on the helicopter, but then I realized it was roughly 100ft or so infront of the helicopter. When I began to focus on the light, I could make out, that it was actually 3 smaller lights in a triangular formation, 2 lights on the bottom, 1 on top. The total size of this object, to my eye, was smaller than the helicopter itself, based off of the distance between the lights on the helicopter. Both continued in a westerly direction with the helicopter maintaining around a 100ft or more distance from this object. It made no noise, the only sound was from the helicopter. As I watched, it crossed behind a church, so I ran to get another look and this is when, the lights slowly began to dim over a 10-15 second period, to a very dim reddish color. All the while maintaining course until it completely disappeared. The helicopter did not change course. I stood in the parking lot until I lost visual of them both behind the houses and trees next to the parking lot I was in. My initial feeling was a slight anxiety, as if it knew I was watching it, and that is why the lights dissappeared. This only happened around 30-45 minutes ago and I’m still processing it. It just doesn’t seem right, there were no flashing lights, similar to any airplane or helicopter on the wings or tails and it was far too close to the helicopter and within a relatively close distance to the ground, where anyone could make out the sound of more than 1 aircraft.

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