Black Triangle Sighting in Lower Moreland Township, Pennsylvania on January 4th 2016 – 1 stationary bright white orb that turned into 3 smaller white orbs in triangle shape with 1 smaller red light. From underneath object looked similar to B2 bomber.

My teenage daughter and I were driving home at 8:20pm on January 4, 2016. A clear night with a partial moon and stars in the sky. After turning a corner, we observed a bright orb hovering in the sky ahead of us — probably a mile or so away and not very high in the sky. My daughter and I first thought it was a news helicopter or similar as it was close to the turnpike — perhaps covering an accident. However, the light/orb seemed too big for that. The orb “drifted” slightly to the east, still appearing to be hovering. At this point, we thought it may be the helicopter of a family that lives in that area. After observing the hovering orb for ~30 seconds, the single large orb “turned into” 3 smaller orbs forming the shape of a triangle, with a single small red light emitting from the center of the triangle. The triangle moved towards our location. At this point we thought it might be a drone. As we turned left into our neighborhood, the triangle moved parallel to us, almost directly above us. Although it was night, both my daughter and I could make out the silhouette of the object between the three lights. I immediately said “it looks like the stealth bomber!” We were both in awe! Within a few seconds, the triangle went from an observable object right above us to three lights disappearing on the horizon. Amazing!

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