Scientists Figured Out Where Aliens Might Be Hiding

Scientists Figured Out Where Aliens Might Be Hiding

By Max Plenke

     At the edges of our galaxy, 100,000 light-years away, massive, dense clusters of stars glom together like a humongous interstellar house party. This is where, according to astrophysicists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, we might find intelligent alien life.

The CFA’s lead author, Rosanne DiStefano made this hypothesis at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society on Wednesday, and — believe it or not — her logic checks out.

Let’s say finding intelligent life is a hypothetical one-in-a-million chance. By the center’s estimation, there are 150 globular clusters in our Milky Way galaxy, each holding roughly a million stars per 100 million light years. Plus, they’re old — like, 10 billion years old — and stable, meaning they didn’t get nailed by cataclysmic, planet-destroying gamma-ray bursts.

It could be that these globular clusters are full of planets twice as old as our own, that had billions more years to develop. The Fermi paradox, a theory of why alien life hasn’t found us yet, refers to these clusters as Planet X. […]

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