UFO Case Directory: “Group/Category 4: Animal Effect Cases: Jewel Valley, California – January 31, 2002”


Sources: Report by Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). Reported on 31 January 2002, posted on 11 March 2003.

Peter Davenport, on The Jeff Rense Program, aired 12 February 2002, 2nd hour of the radio show.

Quote from the case report:
Animal Reaction Feature:
At 5:30 am PST, a border patrol officer was sitting in his car with his male German Shepherd protection dog in the back seat. The back windows were ‘down a little bit so he could get air.’ The witness head a rapidly oscillating humming sound that became louder, and he was thinking that something was wrong with his truck. His dog ‘got startled, and he jumped up and was looking out the window.’ When the witness looked to see what the dog was looking at, he saw a large disc that flew directly over him going west to east. This disc was followed by more discs, and embedded among the discs was a large boomerang-shaped object. Aside from the oscillating hum, the witness also referred to a vibration that could be barely felt. He estimated the objects were 300 feet(or yards) overhead, and commented that if they had license plates, he could have read them. He compared their speed to that of a Cessna.”
The INS Agent saw the UFOs near Boulevard, California.

Satellite photo of Boulevard, California (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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