By Pat Regan  
(Copyright 2115, Pat Regan – All Rights Reserved) 
Date: 5 January 2016
Time:  11:35 pm

I was chatting with my wife whilst drinking tea in our Ainsdale home when we both saw a UFO streaking across the sky.
Sadly, I was unable to take a photo or video footage. The painting I have created in this article is just my ‘artist’s impression’ of the UFO.
I call it a UFO as at the time of writing the object is unidentified.  This UFO was very impressive sight to see with a greenish centre and a long tail that was visible for several seconds.
We were looking in an easterly direction when the object flew past in a south to northerly trajectory. Was it a meteor, space debris, aircraft in distress or something else entirely?  This UFO was quite amazing and it appeared to be moving at very high speed. 
We feel that many other eyewitnesses in surrounding areas must have witnessed this amazing sight streaking across the dark, night sky.
I have reported on similar events before.  Read these links below for more information on those UFO sightings.
The sighting was also reported to Merseyside Police shortly after the event.
Did you see this Unidentified Flying Object?
If so, please contact:
Pat Regan
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Extra information about the article: 
UFO investigator Pat Regan seeking to find other witnesses to the UFO seen over Ainsdale, Southport, U.K.

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