UFO Sighting in Sonora, California on June 1st 2015 – my daughter were listening for mountain lion and looking at stars when we saw 3 rounded sets of light moving left to rt. that paused moved left hovered then moved right super fast then we’re gone. we were shocked as an airplane can’t move or look that way

One summer night my daughter and I put chairs in our horse pasture to listen for the mountain lion we often see and hear. The chairs were reclined so we could see the stars when we see 3 rounded shapes above trees pretty high up that seemed to be lit up. It was hard to tell if the lights were apart or continuous. They moved left to right very slowly keeping in perfect distance from each other. Then stood still and moved to left then back to right and took off. We both felt it was super odd and only thought it could be a satellite but truly it was odd. Can satellites move l like that. We would love to know what we truly saw. This is an extremely rural and mountainous area and there was nothing but and apple orchard behind us.

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