UFO Sighting in Bettendorf, Iowa on September 30th 1957 – Looked up and there it was

Lost my paper work in moving. It is now 2016. This was in the fall of 1957. Clear sunny day.
It was in the afternoon in my back yard. We had no fence and I was hooking long leash for dog on long cloths line. Thought I heard a plane a long way away . I looked up and there was this round disc just hovering there. I wanted to scream but could not get a sound out. It was silver gray and just turned so quick and turned white and was gone in a flash.

I called my husband who worked at a newspaper and asked if they had any reports and he told me to call the police. I did not because any reports at that time were considered nuts.

I wish now I had Civil Defense and I am now 86 and have been wondering about this for all these years.

I was shaking and crying. I wish I could have seen it longer.

Thank you,

Darlene Petersen

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