UFO Sighting in Inverness, Scotland on January 6th 2016 – Driving past saw lights to my right, unable to stop

I’m a truck driver heading north on route A9, I travel this route at least twice every week and know the road VERY well. Passed turning on right for Moy (B9154) and approximately 1.5 miles further on the trees on the right side stop and the plain beyond is visible (flattish moorland bisected by railway line rising slightly toward the horizon) The road at this point is fairly straight, 2 lane single carriageway. Bright lights caught my eye to my right (as I said I travel this road a lot and have never seen these lights before) and I saw a bluish, green ‘bar’ light at the base and this was topped with a red bar of the same width but about twice as thick as the blue/green light. Steady, very bright lights, both colours the same intensity not moving, stationary and I would estimate about 3 fingers above the horizon. I have an extensive knowledge of aircraft both military and civilian and this was NOT like any aircraft I have seen in the past, my immediate thought was UFO. As far as feelings, I was calm and focused but due to traffic I was unable to stop to attempt taking photos and couldn’t hear any sound from the object. Hill on the right obstructed my view as I drove North. There were quite a few other vehicles on the road both going north and south at the time.

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