UFO Spotted Over Ryde

UFO Over Ryde 1-8-16

By onthewight.com

     OnTheWight reader Chris Shaw was sitting out in his garden at around 2.30am this morning (Friday) when he spotted what he believes was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the skies above.

Once Chris had recovered from the shock of seeing the UFO above Ryde, he shared his experience with us.

He explains:

“My god, just seen a UFO!

“I was in my south facing garden in Ryde having a smoke. I was looking over at the point at the top of Culver Cliff, at a light on top of the hill, far left of it, at around 2:30am.

“I started looking up at the stars ahead of me and then all of a sudden it looked like a festival spotlight was above my house. The light was in and above the clouds.

“The light was duller than a normal spotlight you would see and it had like a light outer rim. Didn’t look like it had any different colors, but it did it was going so fast I didn’t know what colours was happening. […]

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