UFO Sighting in Maine on January 7th 2016 – Large white glowing ball

I was driving home around midnight on route one in Wisscassett, Maine and noticed a large (size of a bus? tractor trailer?) glowing ball of light in my rearview mirror about a half mile to a mile back on the road. Could’ve been a regular vehicle somehow, but I’ve never seen that kind of large ball-ish glow from a car/truck/vehicle before. Unlike regular vehicles at night which have two obvious glowing lights – the headlights – the light had no distinguishing source. It was just a large ball of light traveling very low to the road.

Whatever it was, I was glad when it didn’t catch-up to my car, and glad when it went away and/or I could no longer see it behind me.I’m reporting it in hopes that someone has an explanation and/or saw it, too.

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