UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on September 11th 2015 – there was 3 that looked like stars travelin in sequence with change of derection. not the first time. last time there was more nd faster ones

I was living in sarnia ont. Nd was walking my dog as i pasted by my mothers place,she yelled to me your brothers on the phone and says there is ufos in the sky. So i asked where and he replyed look up at the big dipper. So i did and there they were way way up in the sky i seen what looked like stars flying in the shape of a “y”. As i was saying to my my dog i can see you! Then they change direction and eventyally out of site. But there were more of them about 4 or 5 in a line from bright to almost unseeable as i was watching these stars moving around i notice a bright star like object closer in our atmosphere about the hight of a jet 20-30,thousand feet fly straight across the sky in merely secondss. Then i went to the garbage i noticed anther object like the last comming from a slightly different angle but headed the same way streak accross the intire sky in seconds were a jet can take minutes to dissapere.
That was the first timeive seen them one time since but was not as dramatic as the first time but no less as amazing.i would have never noticed them because theyre are so far up there and look like stars and are very hard to see and someone might mistake them for space junk or a satlelite but they travel in straight lines but curve slightly when theyre turning. So look up and watch u might see a moving star. They weree too far up to see them on my camera.

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