UFO Sighting in Swanley, on August 20th 2009 – it was a very large symmetrical cross, slowly flying from the north

going back to the summer of 2009,in st Pauls Cray, Orpington. it was a nice sunny day, with the odd cloud about, I was sitting in the back garden with my partner having a glass of coke. I was looking up at the sky as normal, watching the high flying airliners, which were coming from the east, I then clocked this plane coming out of the murky blue sky from the north, it looked very large as it slowly came towards us. I then noticed that it did not have any engines under the wings, the near it got to us I could see that this plane was not a plane at all, it was a symmetrical cross, I then heard the sound of engines ,but the noise was coming from a plane, coming from the east, and to my amazement the plane went under the cross, this is when I realize how high this thing was. the cross was about four times the size of the airliner and it was much higher, by this time it was right above us, it was white to grey in colour, had no marking or engines, the end of the wings were curved and where the four wings joined in the middle, this to was curved, it was dead smooth all over, and it made no noise, by this time a cloud had come along obscuring the view of the cross we waited for it to come out of the cloud but we never saw it again. now I have also made a discovery that has been hidden for over 42 years by NASA and Carl Sagan which I can prove and no English news paper will print please look at the NASA photo I have sent, I know about all the small detail about this photo.

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